Simian Mobile Disco unveil their latest single, ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’

By , May 4 2012

Simian Mobile Disco have unleashed a new track from their imminent Unpatterns LP.

Jas Shaw and James Ford’s highly popular electro project rides again in May. Last night, Zane Lowe gave new SMD cut ‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’ an airing on his BBC Radio 1 show. Prefix point towards the stream.

‘Your Love Ain’t Fair’ is a deeper number than longtime fans will have come to expect from Shaw and Ford. As with previous Unpatterns track ‘Seraphim’. The synth tones and loose 4/4 beat bring (oddly enough) Dorian Concept to mind.

Unpatterns is out on May 14 on Witchita Recordings, with the single to follow on June 11.

Unpatterns Tracklist:
1. I Waited For You
2. Cerulean
3. Seraphim
4. A Species Out of Control
5. Interference
6. Put Your Hands Together
7. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife
8. Your Love Ain’t Fair
9. Pareidolia
10. Everyday (bonus itunes exclusive)

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