Watch the video for Swizz Beatz, A$AP Rocky and araabMUZIK’s ‘Street Knock’

By , May 9 2012

The video for ‘Street Knock’, Swizz Beatz’ collaboration with Harlem’s man of the moment A$AP Rocky, is now online.

As well as araabMUZIK, who produced the track and appears scowling on the video (they’ve disguised the fact that he’s 4′ 10″ pretty well, to be fair), the clip features a lot of cars, live drums, basketball player Allen Iverson, and – we believe, anyway – a cameo from Ghe20 G0th1k founder Venus X for when A$AP drops the “chicks from Venus” line. Oh, and DMX may be sampled on the track, but it seems they couldn’t get an appearance from him. We’ve lost track of whether he’s in jail or not at this point, to be honest. You can watch it below.

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