EDMX takes his machines to the stars in the video for ‘Cerberus’

By , Jul 11 2012

Fans of vintage kit will get a kick of Ed DMX’s new video.

Producer, DJ, Breaking Records boss and electro scholar Ed DMX has a new EP en route for Power Vacuum, released under his EDMX moniker. It’s a muscly record, and ‘Cerberus’ – a thudding, belligerent slice of low-rent techno – is it’s toughest moment. The clip sees an SD 140 and a TR-909 zooming through the cosmos. A giant hand (Ed DMX’s? God’s?) hammers away at the pads. The machineplay is interspersed with images of lizards and tomfoolery with UV paint. Not exactly subtle, but, then again, ‘Cerberus doesn’t deal in niceties.

Ed DMX also has a new EP of “analogue synth-derived dance traxx” on the way on Wavey Tones. You read our recent geek-out with him here, where he talks Aphex Twin and Herbie Hancock. [via Juno Plus]

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