“Pretty but never quite beautiful”: stream the new Willits + Sakamoto album in full

By , Jul 30 2012

As we reported last month, legendary producer/composer and ex-Yellow Magic Orchestra member Ryuichi Sakamoto has collaborated with San Franciscan multimedia artist Christopher Willits on a new long-player.

The album, their second joint effort after 2008’s Ocean Fire, is now available to stream in full. And if you can get past the slightly pompous title, Ancient Future is well worth a listen or three: its six largely piano-based compositions sculpt slow-moving clouds of consonance and dissonance, drifting gently in and out of focus, seeming to imply a sense of purpose without ever actually embodying it. It’s the definition of ambient: unsettling but never quite disturbing, pretty but never quite beautiful.

Ancient Future will be released through Ghostly on August 6. You can stream it, via RCRD LBL, here.

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