Thoroughly peculiar NY rapper Le1f has remixed similarly flamboyant 2-stepper Kuhrye-oo.

Where this year’s exceptional mixtape Dark York saw Le1f calling on the likes of 5kinandbone5 and Nguzunguzu, his forthcoming Liquid EP promises to be a straight team-up with producer Boody. By way of an apertif, the pair have now gone to work on Kuhrye-oo’s sugar-rush garage. If the original version of ‘Give In (For The Fame)’ is effervescent and scatty, Le1f and Boody’s take is a blunted slice of Haleek Maul-esque gloom-bap.

Le1f currently gearing up for a welcome jaunt to Europe. The Liquid EP drops on November 15. [via Playground]

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