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Holly Herndon’s debut LP Movement is excellent. Stream it here

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  • published
    6 Nov 2012
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    Holly Herndon
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RVNG Intl whizzkid Holly Herndon drops her debut LP Movement next week, and it’s an absolute delight. 

“Experimental” is a word often flung about without much care, but Herndon’s music fits the bill. Her digital sketches and suites touch on techno, IDM and industrial, but they’re united by a real sense of play, as if Herndon is testing the limits of her many machines. The Tennessee native is currently midway through a Ph.D in computer music, and there’s a sense of academic detachment (not to mention staggering technical nous) in her work, but it’s fascinating rather than forbidding, sparky rather than frigid.

The seven-track Movement is a case in point. ‘Breathe’ is a startling sound experiment in the mould of Gregory Whitehead; ‘Fade’, meanwhile, plays like a stark offcut from Chris & Cosey Songs Of Love And Lust. It’s a surprising, satisfying collection – and it’s now available to stream in full, courtesy of NPR.

Head here to listen. Movement is due on November 12.

1. Terminal
2. Fade
3. Breathe
4. Control And
5. Movement
6. Interlude
7. Dilato


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