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Vocalist Viva Ruiz directs the psychedelic disco adventure.

In our interview last month, Gavin Russom described the Crystal Ark live experience as “total immersion, permanent revolution, coloursex, funk rally, three-legged sock hop, ancestor worship, tantric empowerment workshop, feminist revival tent, inner archaeology, firewalk,” a freewheeling philosophy that permeates the video for the band’s ‘We Came To.’

Directed by Russom’s main collaborator in The Crystal Ark, Viva Ruiz, ‘We Came To’ is a hypercharged blend of sci-fi tropes and surrealist imagery. Watch as Russom plays a magnetic tape-strewn woman like a keyboard and a host of mirror-image dancers animate the song’s hypnotic Afro-Latin rhythm.

The Crystal Ark’s self-titled debut LP is out now on DFA Records.

Latest Stories