H&M’s decision to recruit Lana Del Rey to cover ‘Blue Velvet’ was a neat call – Born To Die, like Lynch’s work, hinted at undercurrents of darkness shrouded by an all-American, good-time girl exterior.

On their remix of Born To Die: The Paradise Edition track ‘Ride’, trip-hop veterans UNKLE are similarly probing, peeling back the stadium pomp of the original and revealing something else entirely. James Lavelle’s remix is trip-hop with a capital ‘t’ and a tiny print ‘hop’ – a noirish, rattling revision stretched out over eight minutes. It’s long and winding – and, it ought to be said, a tad long-winded – but it’s another interesting take on a song that’s proving something of a standard: Photek and MJ Cole have both had productive pops at the track. [via Hypetrak]

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