Christmas might be a time for cheer, but it’s also icy and dark – and a cold snap is firmly in the air under the penultimate window of FACT’s 2012 Advent Calendar.

When not putting the world to rights and releasing worthy music – the pair’s recent album, Dasaflex, featured some of this Summer’s most enjoyable dancefloor jams – London duo Dusk and Blackdown run the Keysound record label. It’s an imprint that’s become increasingly respected as both an outlet and a filter, and as its roster and aesthetic solidifies, one thing’s become clear: it’s never going to be trendy, and nor does it want to be. Its focus, instead, is on retaining a high quality level at any cost.

The latest artist to find a home on Keysound is Wen, a London-based newcomer whose sparse, drum-focussed approach to underground dance music contains echoes of Beneath and classic Skream (both of whom have also released on Keysound). We don’t know a lot about Wen, and we dare say both him and Keysound prefer it that way – thus far, the music has done more than enough talking, and ‘Patwah’ is a rolling cut that’s perfect for Winter’s frost-bitten nights.

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