What with A$AP Rocky’s flirtations with radio rap and Lil B’s classical endeavours, you might think that conventional cloud-rap’s day has passed. The candle, however, flickers on. 

Antwon hails from the Bay Area, but specializes in triumphant East Coast revivalism – see his great Biggie-worshipping My Westside Horizon tape, or scuffed 90s throwback ‘Living Every Dream’. Friendzone, meanwhile, are Main Attrakionz’s go-to beatmakers, responsible for wisp-thin standouts ‘Chuch’ and ‘Perfect Skies’ (plus, in Long.Live.A$AP highlight ‘Fashion Killa’, a genuine crossover hit waiting to happen). As is to be expected, the beat is vaporwave with teeth – Far Side Virtual-style cubicle music bolted to a whipcrack drum track. Antwon’s baritone bellow, meanwhile, makes a nice change from, say, Squadda B’s bug-eyed mumble, and there’s a punchy hook to boot. Recommended. [via Rose Quartz]

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