Lil B releases second classical album, <em>Tears 4 God</em>

The Based God kicks off 2013 with another “classical” album of instrumental insanity.

2012 was a banner year for the Berkeley rapper: along with the usual preponderance of mixtapes, Lil B tried out for the NBA and released music by his tabby cat.

Lil B (as The Based God) has now released a follow-up to last year’s classical offering Choices and Flowers, entitled Tears 4 God. Like that album, it is available to buy on iTunes (rather than given away as a free mixtape) and features some head-scratching track titles. Check out Tears 4 God now; the tracklist follows. [via FADER]

1. Todays My Day
2. Just Try It
3. Lifes Me
4. The Pain
5. Thank You 7th
6. Darkness OK
7. Flying Planes
8. Paint on My Wall
9. Paper or Plastic
10. Happy New Year
11. More to Aliens
12. Dream a Lil
13. Catching Wasp
14. Dust Beneath
15. My Soul Fire
16. Bugs
17. Blast from the Past
18. My Wife
19. Go to Sleep

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