Stream Zora Jones' 'Money Cat', off Pelican Fly's <em>Feathers</em> comp

The nascent Barcelona talent spaces out a footwork-inflected beat on her latest track.

While there hasn’t been much to cover thus far, the last year has cemented Zora Jones as one to watch, thanks to a promising collaboration with fellow Barcelonian Sinjin Hawke and an all-Dipset mixtape.

Her latest, ‘Money Cat’, appears on Feathers, the forthcoming compilation from up-and-coming Belgian label Pelican Fly, due out on February 18. Earlier this week, we premiered Sinjin Hawke’s contribution to the set.

The first minute of ‘Money Cat’ is a hissing preamble, but fear not, that initial swell melts into a sparse footwork rhythm that shudders with samples of detuned strings and vocal fragments. Stream it below, via The FADER.

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