Listen to The-Drum remix R&B act Shy Girls and Morri$ associate Maal A Goomba

The Chicago beatmaking duo share a pair of divergent remixes.

The duo of Jeremiah Chrome and Brandon Boom have been busy as of late, whether crafting futuristic R&B as part of the JODY collective or collaborating with The Big Pink. The two remixes below add to The-Drum’s growing resume.

On their remix of ‘Under Attack’ by Portland R&B act Shy Girls, The-Drum subtly massage the retro slow-burner into something more modern (par for the course in the contemporary R&B world). Alternatively, their lean-and-mean remix of Team Bear Club member Maal A Goomba’s ‘Ashley’s Intervention’ is a 180 degree turn from the aggressive edge of the mashed-up original.

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