Hear Miles’s noisy, industrial new EP Unsecured in full

By , May 31 2013

Blackened, metallic techno anyone?

Miles Whittaker might still be best known as one half of gloomy Northern duo Demdike Stare, but after his phenomenal debut album Faint Hearted from earlier this year, he’s proved that his solo material is just as crucial. Unsecured emerged a couple of weeks ago, and now Modern Love have unleashed the whole thing online for streaming – we can assure you it’s well worth a listen.

Whittaker’s ability to fuse the unpredictable industrial grind of early Autechre with the contemporary hankering for noisy 4/4 is astonishing, and we might even say that Unsecured manages to extend to places that even Faint Hearted didn’t reach. You know what to do.

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