Listen to Demdike Stare's second Testpressing EP

The Manchester duo share the second release in their newly launched series.

Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty return with the “sequel” to last month’s Testpressing#001. A-side ‘Grows Without Bound’ lives up to its title, swelling with alarm-like blasts of industrial noise over a “barely-there” beat.

‘Primitive Equations’ will delight fans of their last EP, as the track slowly grows into the mutated jungle of ‘Collision’ and ‘Misappropriation’. Press materials say that the duo relied on Photek’s ‘Ni – Ten – Ichi – Ryu’ as inspiration, and the eight-minute track is a study of tension and percussion.

Testpressing#002 is out now on Modern Love. Stream it below, and check out the FACT Singles Club review of ‘Collision’.



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