The EP is the inaugural release of a brand new Testpressing series, which promises to give the duo a home for their more unhinged experiments.

Opener ‘Collision’ sets the tone, launching us immediately into Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty’s distorted take on jungle, and although the two might not be on totally unfamiliar ground (they may or may not have been involved in the rare, anonymous HATE series of 12″s), it feels like an absolute about turn from the textural sound-collage of their 2012 recordings.

No doubt informed by Whittaker’s encyclopedic knowledge of hardcore and jungle and Canty’s obsessively collected catalogue of noise tapes, the track ends up coming across like early Photek jammed through several overdrive pedals or a modernist revisiting of DJ Scud and I-Sound’s pioneering Wasteland project. ‘Misappropriation’ on the flip however finds them back on more familiar ground, tracing a path through Muslimgauze’s grizzled rhythmic experiments into a cloud of tape saturation and reverb.

Testpressing#001 is out now on Modern Love.



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