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10 hip-hop producers to watch in 2014

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  • published
    9 Jan 2014
  • words by
    Chris Kelly & John Twells
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    Ones to Watch 2014
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HPG (Hoodrich Production Group)

If you’ve spent much time on FACT in the last 12 months, chances are you’ve stumbled across the HPG production crew before. Made up of DJ Spinz, C-4, DunDeal, S.O.S and Childish Major the group’s sound defined 2013 with a diverse set of productions, from Migos’ ‘Hannah Montana’ and Rocko’s ubiquitous ‘U.O.E.N.O’ to Kevin Gates’ ‘Strokin’ and Young Thug’s ‘Stoner’. The five producers have come to define the popular new Atlanta sound (along with Mike Will, of course), and in recent months appear to have gone some way to cleaning up some of the wreckage left in 1017 Brick Squad’s wake, smartly signing up PeeWee Longway and Young Thug.

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