This Friday’s FACT mix comes from one of hip-hop’s great modern romantics, Baths.

Well, we say hip-hop – the Los Angeles-based musician’s remarkable debut album, Cerulean, approached beat-orientated music with an aching pop sensibility, interested in “coherent structure and sharper, more palpable sounds”, compared to many who’re content to make “beats that swoon, shimmer and little more” (see Andrew Ryce’s review for FACT).

Preoccupied with the childish, and recorded with a refreshing lack of self-awareness, Cerulean wasn’t without its flaws, but it’s one of the year’s most unique, welcome albums, and personally we can’t wait to see where Baths goes next. Lucky then that his mix for FACT features a batch of new, exclusive Baths productions, along with music from his more ambient-leaning Geotic project. In his own words, it’s a “mix for softer summers”, and it might have taken us until September to put it up, but it’s still sounding pretty perfect to us.


Baths – Somerset
Geotic – Walkthrough
Geotic – Nighttime Aquatics (Baths Redub)
Geotic – Nanotech Serenade (Baths Redub)
Baths – Rain Smell
Geotic – Calliope [Unreleased / FACT mix exclusive]
Geotic – Simplehearted (Baths Redub)
Geotic – At Our Cabin In The Woods
Baths – Departure
Baths – Untitled [Unreleased / FACT mix exclusive]
Geotic – Swept Off [Unreleased / FACT mix exclusive]
Geotic – Greenery Beyond Clouds (Baths Redub)
Geotic – Palm Springs [Unreleased / FACT mix exclusive]
Geotic – Middle School Sleepaways (Baths Redub)
Geotic – Kozue
Geotic – People Watching (Baths Redub)
Geotic – Waterway
Baths – Untitled [Unreleased / FACT mix exclusive]
Baths – Turian Courtship (Reworked)
Baths – Rafting Starlit Everglades
Geotic – Riding Thermals



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