FACT mix 301 is by Kahn.

Like Objekt, who contributed a heavyweight techno session for FACT’s 300th mix this Monday gone, Kahn is a relative newcomer, but hasn’t taken long to impress us: his first drop for Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label, ‘Like We Used To’ was a diamond set slightly off-centre between r’n’b and garage (and nothing “future” about it), while ‘Illy’ / ‘Tehran’, last month’s follow up, was looming half-step that showcased Kahn’s darker side. He also contributed an impressive digital EP, Altar, to A Future Without, and indulged his dubbier tendencies on a 10″ titled ‘Way Mi Defend’.

Kahn is from Bristol, and it shows on his FACT mix: as well as tracks from Peverelist, Pinch, new Punch Drunk signings Zho and Kahn himself, there’s material from Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack and Martina Topley-Bird. It’s also almost definitely the first time A Perfect Circle have featured in a FACT mix. You can download it below.

FACT mix 301 – Kahn (Nov ’11)


Saladin Mercy – Muslimgauze
Easy on the Bones – Svarte Greiner
Reinholder – A Perfect Circle
String Loops Pt. 3 – Sam Kidel
Move In Circles – J a b u
Blood Sugar – Kahn
Yalla Tenam Rima – Fairuz
Noboru – Zhou
Trauma – Pinch feat. Juakali
Grga – Kahn
Nexus – Vessel & Zhou feat. Lily Fannon
Gather – Peverelist
2 – Aardvark
Karma Coma (Portishead experience) – Massive Attack
I Remain – Zhou
The Mysteron Theme – Barry Gray
Song of the Siren – Zdenek Liska
83 Struggle – Prince Far I & Congo Ashanti Roy
Untitled – J a b u & El Kid
Seret el Hob – Oum Kalthoum
Possibly Maybe (Lucy mix) – Björk
You & I (Kahn remix) – J a b u
All I Can – Joseph McGann
Watching You Without Me – Kate Bush
Poems – Tricky feat. Terry Hall & Martina Topley-Bird



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