Airhead – not be confused with the impish 90s indie combo – has previously worked with James Blake and remixed Mount Kimbie.

In March, the producer otherwise known as Robert McAndrews is striking out on his own with a double-sider for R&S. ‘Wait’, the demure A-side, has been bobbing around for a while now, and R&S have now made the flip available to stream.

‘South Congress’ owes more to post-rock than it does to the warped dance music turned out by most of R&S’ current poster boys. Over echo-chamber percussion, Airhead unfurls a rich tapestry of feedback, synth and cello. Although the pomp can be a tad off-putting, there’s a compositional command at work that makes ‘South Congress’ well worth a listen. Whatever his name might suggest, Airhead’s clearly no numbskull.

‘Wait’/’South Congress’ will see release via R&S recordings on March 19. You can stream both tracks over at the R&S website.




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