Swedish chanteuse Josefine Jinder has always been a little closer to the leftfield dance scene than your Robyns or your Annies.

2008’s Polyhedron EP was heavily indebted to glitch, whilst her spangly breakthrough ‘Youth Blood’ came out on Ministry Of Sound. Jinder’s latest single, ‘Keep On Dreaming’, comes packaged with refixes from a number of fast-rising producers, including Distal, Deadboy and Starkey. FACT has the first play of the latter’s take on the original, and it’s as bonkers as you might expect.

Starkey’s on unusually restrained form to begin with, letting Jinder’s sweet vocal line float over a dour synthscape. Not for long, though: come the one-minute mark, he sets off a riotous mess of clangs and wobbles. His synth tones, filtered and re-filtered, provide a woozy counterpoint to Jinder’s pristine melody. Amidst all the madness, there’s a sturdy crunk beat keeping everything on point.

Little Jinder’s new album is on the works – more information on her activities is available on her Facebook page. ‘Keep On Dreaming’ is released on Mar 12 via Trouble And Bass.




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