The other half of “Ima Read” drops her first solo single.

Njena Reddd Foxxx, first featured throwing an eclipse’s worth of shade on Zebra Katz’ ‘Ima Read‘, returns with her first solo offering, ‘Silly Bitch’, a hyperactive track produced by Wndrbrd. Njena’s putdowns are quick and brash, comparing her competitors to Daffy Duck, hyenas, and, of course, the Trix rabbit all within a couple swift minutes.

It may share some DNA with Nicki Minaj’s recent ‘Stupid Hoe‘, but is effervescent where that song was was manic, and Njena has a casual air of condescension that Minaj is too studied for.

Njena Reddd Foxxx’s Class President EP, featuring ‘Silly Bitch’, comes out soon.


Rodney Jarreau

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