Homespun pop magpies Peaking Lights have collaborated with – wait for it – their baby son on their new track.

Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis are set to return in June with the strikingly titled Lucifer. ‘Lo Hi’ is the first transmission from the sequel to last year’s deep-fried 936. As Pitchfork report, the new track features contributions from wee Mikko Coyes.

The trials of parenthood certainly haven’t changed the Peaking Lights sound: things are as wonderfully obfuscatory as ever. ‘Lo Fi’ is a sensuous dub-chamber jam, and the seven minutes fly by. Over a damaged skank and the occasional industrial rattle, Dunis coos, pants, whoops and purrs. If you’re holding out to hear baby Coyes in action, Mikko’s vocal contributions drift into earshot round about the halfway mark. It still needs a little time to bed in, but ‘Lo Hi’ is already our favourite baby-featuring song since Boards Of Canada’s ‘The Devil Is In The Details’.

Lucifer is due on June 19 on Weird World.



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