Hear The Golden Filter’s take on Saint Etienne’s ‘I’ve Got Your Music’

By , May 8 2012

Later this month, dance/pop/chill-out/whatever ensemble Saint Etienne will return with a new album.

Words And Music By Saint Etienne will be the group’s first studio LP in seven years. As Playground point out, the special edition set of the record will feature a bunch of remixes from artists handpicked by Cracknell and co. The Golden Filter are one of the acts to get the call, and they’ve turned in a swaggering version of ‘I’ve Got Your Music’.

The New York pair strew the original tracks with fairly lights and glitter balls. Geometric synth patterns are bolted onto a steady-as-she-goes drum stomp. There’s also a nice long breakdown thrown in for good measure, with a build-up that sounds like iron filings being chucked at a speaker. Fun, frivolous stuff.

Words And Music By Saint Etienne is out on May 21 through Universal.

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