Ever since the skippy ‘What They Say’ announced Coles as a significant new talent back in 2010, the young producer has been putting in the work.

Last year’s ‘Humming Bird’ and ‘Get Away’ releases saw Coles refining her crunchy, luscious sound. Her recent DJ KiCKS disc, nodding towards Virgo Four, Gerry Read and Claro Intelecto, further showcased her ear for romantic textures.

Coles has recently remixed Dutch singer Bo Saris. The original was a breezy soul pastiche a la Plan B, but Coles’ take transplants Saris’ vocal into an icy new context. Coles’ version is taut, alert, and shot through with a beguiling aloofness.

FACT have the premiere of the track’s new video. The film is definitely on a Lana Del Rey tip, reassembling snips from old children’s TV shows into a chaotic new narrative. Betty Boop, beach hunks, and a fraulein in a windmill all feature.



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