Stream all three tracks from Nathan Fake’s bracing ‘Iceni Strings’ release

By , Jun 13 2012

Border Community’s resident bright spark Nathan Fake has just dropped a new single.

‘Iceni Strings’ – inspired by an antediluvian Celtic tribe, no less – is set to arrive on June 11. The fuzzblushed title track has already been percolating around for a little while, and shows Fake continuing to plough a furrow situated on the borderline between microhouse and shoegaze.

As Playground note, all three tracks on the single have now been made available to stream in their entirety. Flipside ‘Sense Head’ wouldn’t have sounded out of place on 2006 debut Drowning In A Sea Of Love, but there’s a burliness that suggests Fake isn’t afraid to toughen up his sound. ‘Bauxite Dream’ – a speccy exercise in scattershot techno – is the black sheep, and the pick of the bunch.

‘Iceni Strings’ is out now. The single will act as a precursor to Fake’s new album Steam Days, which is expected on August 27.

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