Stream Boy Better Know’s surprise set with Elijah & Skilliam at Cable

By , Jul 10 2012

One of the destinations of choice for the Bloc diaspora this weekend was We Fear Silence’s Butterz/Hardrive shindig at Cable.

Newham Generals, Champion and Terror Danjah were all in attendance, as was recent FACT TV subject Trim. Butterz cohorts Elijah & Skilliam – indisputably instrumental grime’s most important tastemakers – were also on the bill, and pulled along a few surprise guests for the occasion. As the pair went past the 5am mark, they invited a truncated Boy Better Know to join them for an impromptu set. Skepta, JME and Shorty all do some welcome toasting over the course of the 50 minute mix. Clattering vocal garage and richly textured grime are to order of the day; Mosca and Jodeci both feature.

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