Watch the brilliantly creepy video for Bass Clef’s ‘Ghost Kicks In The Spiral’

By , Jul 13 2012

In case you missed it first time around, Esther May Campbell’s clip for Bass Clef’s ‘Ghost Kicks In The Spiral’ is one of the videos of the year.

Reeling Skullways, the most recent LP from Hackney’s Ralph Cumbers, darted all over the shop. The album was a merry-go-round of synthetic textures, with twitchy Mathematics-friendly acid house segueing into plaintive broken beat. ‘Ghost Kicks In The Spiral’ was the stately highlight, and Campbell’s video – which first did the rounds a couple of weeks ago – is the perfect accompaniment for the track.

Over a succession of strafing synth washes and melancholy harmonies, Campbell produces a video collage that plays like Mark Leckey directing this. Anyone that’s seen Cumbers larking about behind a laptop with a trombone will know that he’s not afraid of looking graceless; on the ‘Ghost Kicks In The Spiral’ clip, he’s elegant bordering on sublime. [via The Quietus]

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