Stream Portuguese psych duo Tropa Macaca’s terrific new album on Software

By , Aug 15 2012

Hats off to Dan Lopatin and Joel Ford: their Software label has become one of the least predictable, and at the same time most reliable, imprints around.

Their latest release is an album by Portuguese psych duo Tropa Macaca, who have some previous form on Siltbreeze. It’s made up of two elongated, hypnotic but decidedly gnarly jams that the label compare to “a cybernetically-enhanced Taj Mahal Travellers interpreting a lost chapter of One Hundred Years Of Solitude.”

It’s proper head music, basically, at once disarmingly pretty and seriously fucked-up, and we think it might just be the finest thing that Software’s issued to date. Stream it in full below, and check the radio edit video of ‘Balada dos que Ja Nascem Mortos’ above.

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