Premiere: hear grime visionary Darq E Freaker’s unhinged remix of Jin Jin & The Ragdolls

By , Aug 22 2012

Jin Jinn & The Ragdolls is the new collaborative project of producer Bless Beats and singer Jin Jin.

Bless has producer’s credit on a string of grime classics including Wiley’s ‘Wearing My Rolex’ and ‘Where’s My Brother’, and it shows in ‘Love In Sin City’: a slice of bouncy pop-funky with a gurning, strangled synth hook lifted from electro house.

Unhinged grime visionary Darq E Freaker borrows a bit of sugar from the original for his remix. It doesn’t quite conceal the face-screwing sourness of his beat, though – all muscular snares, rave stabs and a bassline with far more energy than it knows what to do with. You can stream it below.

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