Blood is spilled in Bob Dylan’s new video

By , Aug 29 2012

Little-known rising talent Bob Dylan has a new album on the way.

Minnesota’s raspiest son will release Tempest – his 35th(!) studio album – in September. The ten-track promises to be darker in tone and mood than his recent releases, although you wouldn’t know it from cheery lead track ‘Duquesne Whistle’. Rolling Stone now point towards a new video for the cut, and it’s a hard-edged little clip.

Despite Rolling Stone’s News Of The Screws-style leader (“Bob Dylan Debuts Shockingly Violent New Video”), this is pretty tame stuff – Bob’s pitching for Resevoir Dogs, but we can’t help thinking of that beating-in-sync-with-a-cuckoo-clock skit from The Day Today. There’s also some top-notch Travola-style strutting from Dylan. As for the song itself, it’s a jolly shuffle, on which Dylan sounds more winningly ragged than ever.

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