Bristol supergroup Sure Thing, featuring DJ Die and Joker, boogie down on 'Holding You Tight' video

While trip-hop and dubstep have dominated Bristol’s music scene for two decades, the city also has a rich tradition of funk, soul, and disco.

Sure Thing is a loose collective of Bristol musicians who pay tribute to that tradition. ‘Holding You Tight’ features junglist legend DJ Die, purple sound pioneer Joker on keyboard, Futureboogie’s Christophé, and drummer Desi Rogers. Also contributing are William Cartwright on talkbox (yes, talkbox!) and Chloé Lang on vocals.

While DJ Die is known for drum-n-bass, he also spins disco as Laminate Radio, so this funky electro-boogie is not a complete surprise. Still, the song and performance video shine with an early 80s sheen that belies the song’s contemporary construction: there are “no samples here… 100% created from scratch.”

According to Spin, the single will be out next month on DJ Die’s Gutterfunk label, backed with an instrumental version. The video is below, straight from Sure Thing’s VCR to your computer screen.



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