Premiere: stream Theo Parrish's sprawling, 15 minute reinterpretation of The Invisible's 'Generational'

The Invisible have, by all accounts, had a year of ups and downs.

In some respects, 2012 has been something of a nightmare for the Ninja Tune three-piece: in May, lead singer Dave Okumu was left fighting for his life after sustaining a major electric shock whilst on stage in Nigeria. On the other hand, the highs – an impressive critical reception to new album Rispah; a major UK tour; some gorgeous remix commissions – have been pretty cloud-scraping.

Well, here’s another reason for the boys to take heart. Second Rispah single ‘Generational’ is out next month, and it comes backed with a very special remix from Theo Parrish. The Detroit veteran’s take on the track clocks in at over 15 minutes, and it’s a squirming, labyrinthine reading.

Amidst the pristine fare that surrounded it, ‘Generational’ stood out as Rispah‘s scuzziest track. In response, Parrish’s take is correspondingly rough round the edges. Parrish’s favoured tics – lo-fi percussion programming, traces of distortion, a general aversion to the Quantize button – are present and correct, and work wonderfully in this context.  The single also comes packaged with a much shorter version of the track, but it’s this extended take that really lets Parrish’s idiosyncrasies shine. A rough gem, but a gem nonetheless.

‘Generational’ is out on October 15 on Ninja Tune. The tracklisting, included below, also features a cover version by noirish chanteuse Anna Calvi.

1. Generational (Radio Edit)
2. Generational (Raw Version)
3. Generational (Theo Parrish Remix)
4. Generational (Theo Parrish Edit)
5. Anna Calvi – The Wall (Originally by The Invisible)



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