Flying Lotus joins forces with Captain Murphy again on 'The Killing Joke'


The enigmatic Captain Murphy, fast becoming the L.A. beat scene’s answer to Keyser Soze, has released another track. 

We’ve no idea who Captain Murphy is – we’ve tried anagramming it, and all we’ve come up with is ‘Paunchy Armpit’ – but, if one reputable lead is anything to go by, Murphy is the rapping alias of a Mr. Stephen Ellison, aka Flying Lotus. FlyLo and CapMu are, at the very least, close associates: they were both credited on the Earl Sweatshirt vehicle ‘Between Friends’ .

The pair have now ‘collaborated’ again on a new track, ‘The Killing Joke’. The cut, which samples Michael Caine’s appearance in The Dark Knight, massively nods towards Quasimoto-era Madlib. The gentleman – or, at a push, lady – behind the Murphy moniker is clearly enjoying all the brouhaha; as one memorable lyric goes, “labels try to sign me/Speculating my identity, good luck you’ll never find me”. Well, here’s our wager: listening to the cut, we’re hearing touches of Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator in the verses – might Murphy be, Scream-style, a rotating mask after all? [via Playground]



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