Stream Samo Sound Boy's 'Acid Walk,' featuring Njena Reddd Foxxx

The Body High impresario stays true to the title of ‘Acid Walk.’

The squelch-heavy track appears on his upcoming 5 Dollar Paradise EP, his Body High solo debut. Stream the track below; the EP is out September 25.

Njena Reddd Foxxx apes a LMFAO lyric (‘Walk in the club, all eyes on me’) but quickly gets into the type of aggressive club behavior she raps about on her own tracks. In fact, the producer’s inspiration was a similarly hard-edged femme rapper.

“When I made the beat, I had been listening to Trina’s ‘Long Heels, Red Bottoms‘ a ton. To me, that’s pretty much a perfect track: minimal and raw and hypnotizing.” he says. “I’m really into Njena because she just has this delivery that’s cool, calm and collected but also fierce at the same time, like she’s controlling it all: the track, the club, the listener, everything.” [via FADER]



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