Main Attrakionz team up with BK Beats and PBZ with 'My Only Wonder'

For those who’ve let the cloud rap phenomenon drift by them, Main Attrakionz are probably the scene’s most committed practitioners. 

Across their best records (808s and Dark Grapes) and their more varied solo tapes (see their recent Rhythm & Zone/Tag Champz Bundle tapes), Squadda B and MondreM.A.N have made an art form out of mealy-mouthed mumbling over eerie beats and unlikely sample sources. Even if their technique isn’t exactly scintillating, nobody is doing ennui and introspection quite as effectively as the Oakland pair.

They’re particularly world-weary on new cut ‘My Only Wonder’, produced by BK Beats and PBZ. Juxtaposing adolescent angst (MondreM.A.N: “Stay in school, that’s cool – but what we doing after?”) with ruminations on mortality (Squadda B: “I wonder how much I’m going to make before I die”), the pair put in a suitably disorientating performance. The instrumental, meanwhile, plays like a ersatz, diluted Mobb Deep beat – it’s slight, but Main Attrakionz can work with slight.

The track is taken from the BK Beats and PBZ’s Time Is Of The Essence tape. The ten-track collection comes out of Albuquerque, but its lustrous synth palette and church hall reverb have a distinctly Scandinavian feel. Head over to Bandcamp to grab the EP for free. Main Attrakionz, meanwhile, are set to release new album Bossalinis & Fooliyones in October.



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