Russell Haswell - Concrete Fence mix

Head over to Where Next, the blog dedicated to the Sandwell District (R.I.P., sort of) and Downwards labels, and you’ll find a new mix by Russell Haswell.

It’s entitled Some preparatory notes on Concrete Fence #1, Concrete Fence being the name of a new collaborative project set to makes it live debut as part of the upcoming Blackest Ever Black showcase at London’s Corsica Studios on October 13. The identity of Haswell’s partner in this particular caper is currently a secret, at least until the B.E.B. party is out of the way, for “contractual reasons”. A press release for the party describes this mystery figure as someone who “looms large in the Blackest cosmos”, adding that “he and Haswell go way back”. Answers on a postcard, please.

The mix is a promising and rhythm-driven selection of murky industrial, paranoid post-punk, lofty Detroit techno, jacking Chicago acid and extreme metal, with tracks by the likes of Holger Hiller, Carcass, Derrick May, LFO, Test Dept., Boyd Rice and Blake Baxter. It’s not available to download, but you can stream it via the Mixcloud player below (which incidentally gives the wrong tracklist; see this page and Where Next for the correct one).


1] Boyd Rice/Frank Tovey: Extraction 12
2] Abruptum: In Ictu Oculi
3] Fats Comet: Zoop Zoop
4] Derrick May: Emanon Ends
5] Alexander Hacke: Nachbar
6] LFO: Take Control (Peel Session)
7] Test Dept: Cold Witness
8] Holger Hiller: Whippets
9] Blake Baxter: Vision of Truth
10] 52nd St: Can’t Afford (Unorganised Mix)
11] Mark Stewart: Consumed (The Program Mix)
12] Carcass: Reek of Putrefaction
13] Cabaret Voltaire: It’s About Now



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