Queens rapper Aaron Cohen releases <em>Murk</em> mixtape via Mishka

Download Murk, the latest mixtape from rapper Aaron Cohen.

Aaron Cohen first came to our attention with his A$AP Ty-produced ‘Feminist’. Now, the New York by way of Seattle rapper debuts a mixtape for Brooklyn’s Mishka.

Cohen’s crystal-clear flow is heavy on wordplay and bluster, over beats that range from gauzy cloud rap to throwback boom bap. Along with production by Infinite Jeanius and Black Noi$e, Canadian talent Ryan Hemsworth closes the tape with ‘Wasting Time,’ which deftly samples Smashing Pumpkins’ mopey ‘Thirty-Three.’

The sharp-tongued rapper takes turns blasting the music industry and his contemporaries in the business. Download the 16-track mixtape below.

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