The inimitable Tricky takes on melodrama makers Antlers on new remix

Tricky’s spent two decades surprising us, and his incongruous remix of Brooklyn indie outfit The Antlers is another gleaming bolt from the blue. 

We last heard Tricky stumbling his way through a remix – well, a revoicing – of Zebra Katz’ piledriving ‘Ima Read’. His latest team-up has a mildly heroic backstory: as RCRDLBL note, The Antlers were reportedly struggling with a coffee machine backstage in Lisbon when Tricky emerged out of nowhere and came to their aid. Tricky’s spontaneous act of kindness has now developed into a full-on musical correspondence, with the band giving Tricky free rein over new track ‘Crest’.

‘Trip-hop’ has, quite rightly, become something of a maligned phrase; witness Coldcut’s Jon More twisting himself in knots to dodge the term in our interview earlier this year. Still, Tricky’s mix is trip-hop to a T: what with its crawling bassline, half-time lurch, whispered asides and general aroma of acrid weed-smoke, it would have fitted onto Maxinquaye like a velvet glove. All in all, it’s another koanlike rework from one of our more cryptic musical minds. Click below to download the track.

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