Stream the Dum Dum EP from LuckyMe's Baauer in full

Skip that post-lunch espresso: Baauer’s new EP is guaranteed to add a bit of zip to your afternoon. 

The Brooklyn producer’s loony strand of crunk is highly consonant with LuckyMe’s musical outlook, and his new EP for the label shows him developing – or, perhaps, degrading – the sound memorably showcased on his Harlem Shake download for Jeffree’s. The Dum Dum EP is by turns fun (‘Dum Dum’), sinister (‘Swerve’) and deeply stupid (‘My Nose’). Although it’s far from the most accomplished thing the label have put out, it’s about as invigorating a seven minutes as you’ll have at your desk this afternoon.

Dum Dum is out now. [via Abeano]



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