Marc ‘MK’ Kinchen has been one of house music’s most distinctive and celebrated remixers since the early 1990s.

A hero to generations of house and garage producers – most notably Todd ‘The God’ Edwards, who’s claimed in the past that without MK there’d be no Todd – the way MK chops up vocals, syllable by syllable, to say entirely new things, has contributed to countless classics, and is a trick that’s been used by everyone from Burial to Mount Kimbie since.

One of the modern producers most inspired by MK is Hot City’s DJ Haus. One of the biggest Kinchen experts we know, we put Haus in the studio with MK last week, with two aims: to come out with an MK remix of Haus’s ‘Needin U’, and to produce a video where MK shows FACT TV how he makes his remixes. For fans of Kinchen and garage, and budding producers in general, this should be an education and a half. Here’s part two of three.

MK will be playing at the Audio Doughnuts 2nd Anniversary on the 30th November at Fire & Lightbox, London. Tickets & info here




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