Download a free compilation from Parisian club purveyors Moveltraxx

Like their countrymen and contemporaries at B. YRSLF, the folks at Moveltraxx are obsessed with club music.

Da Movelt Bucket is a free, 11-track compilation from Moveltraxx, ranging from Jersey club to Chicago juke to UK funky. Basically, if it’s a bass-heavy sound originating from an urban environment, it appears on this compilation, which you can stream and download below.

The compilation features exclusive tracks and remixes from Big Dope P, Funkystepz, Berou & Canblaster, and DJ Earl, among others. Highlights include a soulful, slowed-and-throwed remix of trap anthem ‘I Don’t Like’ by French newcomers M-Town Vice and a bed-squeaking slice of Jersey club from youngsters DJ Jayhood and DJ Joker.



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