Navel-gazing L.A. beatmaker Groundislava specialises in woozy, low-spec instrumental hip-hop.

Groundislava is one of the principal members of beat click Wedidit, a crew which also includes Ryan Hemsworth, Anticon protege D33J and Shlohmo. He’s had a busy year, dropping the shoegazy TV Dream EP and new album Feel Me for Friends Of Friends (unsurprisingly, he also crops up in Hemsworth’s fantastic recent FACT mix).

In a bit of Wedidit back-scratching, Groundislava has now remixed Shlohmo’s ‘Ghosts Pt. II’ . Some of Shlohmo’s gloomy clanks and whirrs are preserved, but Groundislava reimagines ‘Ghosts Pt. II’ as a sunny – and surprisingly stomping – cut. John Talabot’s muggy disco is a fitting touchstone, although Groundislava’s squirming retro bassline and no-fuss drum programming make for something substantially gruffer and tougher than his Barcelona counterpart. [via Potholes In My Blog]

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