The dialogue between Addison Groove and the Lit City Trax click continues on a new remix.

Addison Groove’s 2010 calling card ‘Footcrab’ (in)famously transposed the Chicago footwork sound into the UK vernacular. In a neat bit of back-and-forth, DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn subsequently turned out their own slamming ‘Footcrab’ remix, and the pair have since memorably revamped the Bristol producer’s ‘Sexual’.

As reported, Addison Groove’s recent ‘I Go Boom’ single has been given yet another Chi-town overhaul. Next month, 50Weapons will release takes on the Adventures In Rainbow Country track from Rashad and Ten Thousand Yen boss Doc Daneeka. The former’s yammering revision is now available to stream in full, and it’s a wonderfully kinetic take that ranks up there with his best remix work.

The first half is a touch less brutal than normal, with Rashad approximating Lil Silva’s hard-edged riddims. Come the halfway mark, though, those familiar bass stabs and whipcrack snares come into play.

The remix 12″ drops on November 9. [via Ad Hoc]



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