You don’t have to look far to find musicians turning to the past for inspiration, but you do have to strain a little to find artists doing it as deftly as Lee Gamble.

Following for a handful of releases for experimental outpost entr’acte, Gamble has been welcomed into the arms of Bill Kouligas’ endlessly rewarding PAN label for a pair of new releases. Forthcoming album Dutch Tvashar Plumes sees Gamble lilting between ambient interludes and a détourned, ghostly approximation of 4/4 dance music. On a different tip, Gamble’s also released the yearning Diversions 1994-1996 disc, stitched together from analogue recordings of old jungle tapes from his personal collection.

A comprehensive interview with Gamble about his recent busy patch is on the way, but, in the interim, FACT have the first play of a video released to accompany the piece. The clip, produced by Gamble himself in association with fellow Cyrk artist Dave Gaskarth, performs a similar operation to the record, smudging and smearing primary evidence of jungle culture until it resembles something else entirely. The clip offers a guttering montage of saturated colours, heat vision and degraded rave footage.

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