Unlike occasional collaborators Raider Klan, Metro Zu don’t take themselves especially seriously. 

The Miami crew have a flamboyant, arty bent: members Lofty 305 and Freebase moonlight as visual artists, they sample Animal Collective’s ‘Bees’ on calling card ‘Alice’, and one of their number is called Mr. B The Poshtronaut, for Christ’s sake. This year’s Mink Rug collection featured contributions from SpaceGhostPurrp, and tilted from strobing club rap to 808s And Dark Grapes II-grade drift. What with the relentlessly priapic lyrics and filthy cover art, they’re arguably cloud rap’s very own 2 Live Crew, albeit with bigger and weirder record collections.

New Zuology is another technicolour session, and it’s definitely their strongest to date. The raps are as sloppy and scatological as ever, but the beat selection is majorly impressive: check the tangled fusion jam ‘Sense’, or Reich-meets-trap cut ‘Nekk Up’. Head here to download. [via Potholes In My Blog]

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