Damian Lazarus Day Zero mix

Download: Damian Lazarus – Day Zero: Sound Of The Mayan Spirit


As previously reported, Damian Lazarus and friends will celebrate the “cosmically significant” date of December 21 with an epic 24-hour party in Mexico.

“Back in January I had something of a cosmic experience which led to me creating Day Zero,” Lazarus tells FACT. “I had been told by a Shaman that I needed to place myself underneath the moon with my arms raised towards it for one hour between 10 and 11pm in order to draw power from the Universe. And so one night my friends and I were hanging out on the beach in Tulum and I decided to give it a go.

“With my legs apart and feet digging into the sand I raised my arms to the sky and within seconds I felt the strongest sensation, the universe was sending a very powerful energy through my hands, arms and entire body and I was locked into this electric forcefield. And finally when I let it go, after some 15 minutes as it was so strong, I fell to the beach exhausted, I re-joined my friends and everybody could feel a bizarre heat coming from my hands hovering over them. They told me that it was a sign and I needed to realise what it meant – with Mayan ruins just further along the beach to where we sat, I decided there and then to create Day Zero.”

December 21, 2012 – Day Zero – was believed by the Mayans to signal the end of the life cycle. Not the apocalyspe, but rather, in Lazarus’s words, “the beginning of a new chapter.”  The Crosstown Rebels boss’s celebration of the occasion takes place at the stunning Playa Del Carmen site in Mexico, and boasts a suitably monster line-up featuring the likes of James Lavelle and Massive Attack’s 3D (playing a special collaborative DJ set), Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Jamie Jones, Art Department, Trentemoller and many, many more.

To herald the event, Lazarus has put together a mix, entitled Day Zero: Sound Of The Mayan Spirit. It’s officially released by Crosstown Rebels on December 3, but for a limited period you can download it in its entirety free of charge, here on FACT. Get it here, and look out for a full interview with Lazarus on FACT tomorrow.

For further information and to book tickets for Day Zero, please visit dayzerofestival.com.





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