There’s only barely two months left of it, but expect Disclosure to continue stamping their presence all over 2012. 

The pair’s recent ‘Latch’ appears to have usurped their towering Jessie Ware remix as their calling card. The track’s already enjoyed a nifty garage-indebted respin from T. Williams. Hot Creations boss Jamie Jones, currently wending his way towards proper jet-setting megastardom, has taken time out to remix the track, and his ‘Marzy’s House’ edit takes care not to scuff any of the polish of the original.

‘Latch’ sees Disclosure repeat ‘Running”s ‘quiet-loud-quiet’ trick, tripping from a deep house intro into a jacking electro main section. Jones hones in on the opening moments of the track, stretching out those languid opening chords into a full-length deep house jam. Those who heard Jones’ recent odds’n’sods collection Tracks From The Crypt will be down with his methodology – rubbery baselines, day-glo washes and a horror of complication all feature. It’s testament to Disclosure’s production chops that Jones’ take actually sounds cheaper that the original, but it’s still a slick revamp from a major league operator.

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