The exuberant disco jag gets a suitably 80s-styled video.

Directed by Mo Stoebe (aka MODEFY), the lo-fi, video-effected gyrations of a lingerie model will have you seeing quadruple. Premiered last month, ‘Release Me’ is reminiscent of the disco house revivalism of Hercules & Love Affair’s 2008 debut.

‘Release Me’ appears on Andy Butler’s DJ Kicks mix, which is out now on !K7. As Butler said upon the song’s release, “This song lies somewhere between Stock Aitken and Waterman and Manchester’s Hacienda sound, while Whitney [Fierce, the song’s co-writer] sounds very Bananarama on it. Mark Pistel busted out his E- Max on this recording with some original samples he compiled in 91, so that made us all dance in the studio.”

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