It’s a right royal psych-pop team-up.

Errors’ ‘Ammaboa Glass’ was already a fairly gaudy bit of zonked tropical pop, and the Scots have now been retooled by homely duo Peaking Lights. If the pair’s recent Lucifer caught some criticism for being somewhat one-note, ‘Ammaboa Glass’ is characterised by verve and flair.

The remix is an exercise in incremental ante-upping: sonic elements are discreetly introduced until, around the seven minute mark, you find yourself lost in a welter of tropical noise. It’s also a perky little thing – there’s almost a touch of vintage DFA in the taut disco fretwork, and some of the smog of yore has been wafted away.

The original track is taken from the band’s New Relics LP, out now on Rock Action Records. [via The Fader]



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